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Who are we

CAC services pretty much any piece of equipment that uses Freon as the basis of its cooling mechanism. There are a variety of Commercial Kitchen and (Grocery/Convenience) Store Refrigerators/Freezers (e.g., Undercounter Refrigerators or Freezers, Worktop Refrigerators or Freezers, Solid Door Refrigerators or Freezers, Glass Door Refrigerators or Freezers, Milk Coolers, Deli Display Cases, Sushi Display Cases, Meat Display Cases, Poultry and Fish Display Cases, Oyster Display Cases, Open Air Merchandisers, Dual Temperature Refrigerators, Commercial Floral Coolers, Roll In & Rack Refrigerators or Freezers, Walk-in Refrigerators or Freezers and Blast Chillers). We also service heaters associated with Freon-based systems, as well as all associated hardware (e.g., screws, wires, capacitors, times, hinges, brackets and et cetera). Our staff has over ten (10) years of experience in the industry.

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