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What Does Our Ice Machine PM Cover?

Clean Ice Machines every six months, unless there is yeast in the air and then it needs to be every ninety days.

  1. Shut the compressor off by flipping the Ice/Off/Clean switch to Clean, which circulates water through the distribution system
  2. Pour 2–3 ounces of Ice Machine Cleaner fluid, which is a caustic, into the water circulation trough and let that circulate around for no more than 25 minutes
  3. Triple flush the Ice Machine Cleaner fluid out of the system, if you system has a Flush button use it or flip the switch back to Ice making mode – Regardless let new water get introduced to the system and cause it to dump after a few minutes of circulation . . . repeat this process at least three times to ensure all the caustic fluid is flushed out of the system
  4. Take a nylon brush and clean the condenser coil fins and evaporator plate(s); and any other place where there is water scale buildup
  5. Clean the underside of the Ice Machine innards with bleach solution and clean rag, because stagnant water tends to gather there and becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty things (e.g., fungus and mold)