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CAC is licensed by the State of Texas to work on any size commercial and environmental system. The environmental part of our license deals with human’s comfort; whereas the commercial deals with non-human processes (i.e., Ice Machines, Prep-coolers, Walk-ins and et cetera): which the industry generically refers to as refrigeration. That being said, CAC generally focuses on refrigeration. We don’t normally work with industrial customers because of their systems (i.e., chillers/boilers). The vast majority of CAC’s customers are commercial. We do some residential work, but we don’t actively pursue these customers.

CAC primarily offers Repair and Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services. Our customers generally have kitchens (e.g., restaurants, retirement facilities, hotels and hospitals) or are bars, grocery and convenience stores, or morgues and mortuaries. As part of our service we repair/install whatever needs to be done to return a system to working order. This not only includes the Freon-based components, but also any screws, bolts, hinges, brackets and et cetera.

Generally CAC does not get involved with new construction. Under certain circumstances we may bid a new construction job, but we’re really not equipped to perform all the activities required in-house; as such hiring subcontractors is required to perform any activity we’re not equipped to handled, which raises our costs and makes it difficult to compete.

When CAC encounters an A/C system that needs to be replaced, we will install a new system; which doesn’t usually involve new ducting, wiring and/or piping. There may need to be some modifications made to connect a new system to the existing infrastructure, but these modifications are generally isolated to the proximity around the new system. In other words, an adapter may have to be constructed to connect the existing ducting to the new system, but the rest of the ducting throughout the building is not touched. This is true for wiring and piping too.

We stand strongly behind our slogan “Quality without compromise”. We provide our customers with quality repairs and installations on all their refrigeration and air conditioning needs. Some companies have chosen to accept lesser quality as a cost of doing business, we adamantly reject this statement . . . we will never compromise quality!

We provide an explanation and/or pictures to demonstrate why all of our recommendations are honestly needed and why our pricing is fair. Our policy is to never charge our customers for our staff’s learning. We’re constantly learning: every year newer equipment models are being retailed and new government regulations need to be complied with. When customers pay our rates, albeit fair rates, they should expect their contractors to know what they are doing! All billing will be approved by our management to ensure customers only pay for actual work performed (i.e., not for any time spent figuring out what we should be expected to know). This is our way of being honest and fair.

How Often Should PM's Be Preformed?

Generally we recommend performing a PM in early Spring to prepare for the heavy cooling demand during Summer, and in the Fall to prepare for using your heater during Winter. Certain environments, like bakeries, requires PM's more frequently because of particulates in the air (e.g., yeast). For Ice Machines the particulates can be in the water too. Obviously areas prone to mold need PM's more frequently.

Preventative Mainteance